Why should I join uMunch?

uMunch was designed to work seamlessly for customers and restaurants. With our easy to use app system, you’ll be able to feature discounted items, update your menu offerings, and attract a tech-savvy (and hungry) demographic to your business.

How do I apply to have my restaurant available on uMunch?

The best way to apply to have your restaurant available on uMunch is to email us at admin@umunch.ca. We will then get you started on our three-step application process.

  1.  Initial inquiry – You will be asked to provide us some information about your restaurant and menu options.
  2.  Research – Our Team will do some background research on your restaurant, and we will get in touch with you when we are ready to proceed to step three.
  3.  In person – A uMunch Representative will come out to try your restaurant in person and sign you on.

How do I set up my restaurant profile?

Once you’ve set up a login, you’ll be able to enter your account to configure your restaurant, fill in your bank information, set up menu items, and review the day’s orders. You’ll configure your restaurant by entering all of your contact and restaurant info and submitting it to our system.

Can I offer discounts and specials on uMunch?

Yes! When you go to add an item to your menu, check the box ‘Is a Special,’ and our system will indicate that you have provided a deal on that item.

How do I add items to my menu?

To add menu items, click ‘Setup Menu Items’ on the portal home page. Once on your profile, you’ll be able to add the name of an item, the price of the item, and a description. Then simply click ‘add item’ and it will be loaded into your offerings list. Should you wish to add a picture with your item, you’ll be able to choose a file and upload an image once the item has been added to your menu list.

How will I know when someone has placed an order with my restaurant?

When you register with uMunch, you will gain access to a portal where you will be able to locate a ‘Today’s Orders’ tab that provides a LIVE and updated screen of all the orders that have been placed to your restaurant. This screen will communicate what has been ordered, what time it was ordered, who ordered it, how to contact the person who ordered it, and where it should be delivered.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

You may contact us via email at admin@umunch.ca or call us at 519-701-8218 or 647-997-3630, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will my privacy be protected?

We assure you that all your information will be protected and used as per our service agreement.